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How to Create a Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been making headlines for the last few years. Increasingly, people are wondering what cryptocurrency is and why they might use cryptocurrency. As new cryptocurrencies continue to launch, some are even wondering how to create a cryptocurrency. While investing in, using, or creating a cryptocurrency is not something to be undertaken without proper consideration, all of those things are within reach if you're interested.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Most of us have heard enough about cryptocurrency to understand that it has a financial value though our understanding of what that value is and how it might change day to day may be vague. There are enough cryptocurrencies and fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrency that the overall question of what exactly cryptocurrency is may continue to go unanswered.

A cryptocurrency represents the tokens that are issued and traded within a specific cryptonetwork's system. They function as a currency within that specific community much as dollars function as a currency in the United States. Tokens can be used to make trades within the network so that someone could use a cryptocurrency token to pay any vendor that accepted that form of cryptocurrency for goods and services, just as United States dollars could be exchanged for a pizza or a haircut at vendors in the United States.

Cryptocurrency exchanges allow for cryptocurrency to be exchanged for other forms of currency. So you could exchange your cryptocurrency token for United States dollars or another currency of your choice.

What Is a Cryptonetwork?

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Cryptonetworks continually update a secure, decentralized ledger of transactions involving their tokens that is based on blockchain technology. Multiple users in the network are continually updating individual copies of the transaction history, recording each new transaction in a publically viewable record that is virtually impossible to edit once the recording is complete.

To reward those members of the cryptocurrency community who are dedicating resources to recording the transactions using their internal tokens, the cryptonetwork will also issue tokens under specific circumstances. The specifics of the reward system will vary depending on the specific cryptonetwork, but rewards are given for being the first to discover a new "block" to write transaction history onto. This new block of information will be added to the series of all other such blocks. This series, or chain, of blocks, is the origin of the term blockchain technology.

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Why Use Cryptocurrency?

There are numerous reasons that using cryptocurrency is desirable.

Secure Transactions and Transaction History

The nature of blockchain technology allows for the keeping of a permanent, immutable record of transactions. Once recorded, the transaction history is fixed, which allows for every transaction on the record to be traced to the transaction before it. Multiple copies of the transaction ledger prevent data loss in the event of hacking or system failure as is a concern with data held on a centralized network.

Blockchain technology makes it difficult to counterfeit or steal cryptocurrency because each cryptocurrency token is tracked from its issuance and through each transaction. Think of how difficult it would be to introduce a counterfeit bill or spend stolen physical currency if the serial number of each bill was recorded during every transaction. The secure ledger kept by cryptonetworks allows for proof of validity and ownership of cryptocurrency tokens.

Quick, Inexpensive Transaction Processing

Transactions can be processed directly between two users on the network with no third party, like a bank or a credit card company, to facilitate. The lack of third-party facilitation typically means lessened transaction fees and allows for transactions to be accomplished quickly, often within minutes.

Transaction Processing Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike banks and other financial institutions, the blockchain technology that allows for the processing of cryptocurrency transactions doesn't have set hours or close on holidays. No matter where you are in the world or what time it is, you can make transactions with anyone in the network without concern for banking hours or exchange rates.  

How to Create a Cryptocurrency

With both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the earlier stages of their development, there is a lot of excitement about both. With new forms of cryptocurrency rapidly being introduced, many people are wondering how to create a cryptocurrency and if it is something they can and should do. The good news for those who are interested in creating their own cryptocurrency is that the process can be completed by most people, though they may need assistance with developing and funding the project.

Choose a Focus for Your Cryptocurrency

Choose How to Implement Your Cryptocurrency

Recruit Miners

Investment and Initial Coin Offering


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Prepare for Investment and Launch Stages

Cryptonetworks and cryptocurrency are at exciting stages in their development. With all the media attention and new cryptocurrencies on the rise, many people are wondering about what cryptocurrencies are, why people might want to use them, and even how to create a cryptocurrency.

Creating a cryptocurrency is an involved process that should not be undertaken without serious consideration. If, after considering the work involved, it is something you are interested in, learning how to create a cryptocurrency is something that anyone can do. Most likely, the launch of a cryptocurrency will be a team project, and you will need to consult with experts. However, with dedication, research, and planning, creating a cryptocurrency is possible.

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